Turner-Dodge House

Built in 1855, the elegant Dodge Mansion is a piece of Lansing’s history. Recognized as Turner-Dodge House and listed to the NRHP in 1972, this iconic mansion has become an integral part of Michigan’s cultural identity.

Explore Lansing’s pioneering past by visiting the Turner-Dodge House Museum! Constructed in 1858, this Classical Revival mansion tells a rich tale of James and Marion Turner. Restored for their daughter and her husband, it boasts an impressive history that dates back to early pioneers – making it a must-visit destination.

With its impressive Georgian Revival architecture, the Turner-Dodge House is truly a sight to behold. Featuring an expansive two-story front porch with elegant Ionic columns perched upon a solid stone foundation, this grand residence stands proudly encircled by an intricately crafted wooden cornice and is further complemented in the rear by regal Porte-cochere details. All of which are lovingly wrapped up in beautiful brick veneer from top to bottom.

The Turner-Dodge House is open for a unique exploration of historical significance! Take an informative tour and learn the captivating story behind this historic home. Groups may arrange custom tours outside regular hours or even rent them out to host special events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and bridal/baby showers – making your happy occasion one never forgotten.

Immerse yourself in the historic charm of Lansing, MI area – turn to Turner-Dodge House for an unforgettable experience. Residents can rent out our first floor with its dining room, staging kitchen, and music room starting at just $110 per hour. Don’t forget – that includes set up and clean up time as well. You’ll also need a security deposit or proof of liability coverage before you book your visit. Visit and explore this beautiful piece of history today.

Turner-Dodge House’s majestic first floor is available to non-residents – perfect for special events, meetings, or celebrations. For just $125 per hour (two hours minimum), you’ll have access to its beautiful dining room, staging kitchen, and music room. Set-up and clean-up period must be included in your rental request; a security deposit of $250 OR proof of Liability Coverage will also need to be provided beforehand, so don’t forget.

Host your special occasion at the beautiful Turner-Dodge House. For just $145 per hour – three hours minimum, eight hours maximum – you can rent out this unique space and the experience that comes with it. All preparation for events must be included in rental time, so make sure to build set up and clean up into your reservation schedule. They also require a security deposit of $250 as well as proof of liability coverage prior to hosting any event here.

Address: 100 E North St, Lansing, MI 48906.

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