Porter Park Zoo

A visit to Lansing, MI would not be thorough without a stop at Porter Park Zoo, established in 1920 and accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums over 60 years later. This pastime destination is sure to leave lasting impressions on young & old alike.

The Porter Park Zoo is committed to a noble cause – that of restoring balance in the natural world and protecting animals from extinction. Apart from its exemplary conservation efforts, the zoo also promotes research and educational programs which provide visitors with deeper insights into our fauna family. Furthermore, it supports endangered animal species through breeding as well as release initiatives.

Porter Park Zoo is a wild and wondrous destination, with its amazing array of more than 350 animals from 160 different species. From every day to threatened and endangered creatures – you’ll discover something new every time you visit.

Potter Park Zoo is an oasis of unexpected adventure situated in the heart of Lansing, Michigan’s capital city. With over 350 unique creatures living on its 20-acre grounds and 80 acres of parkland to explore, it’s easy for visitors to be inspired by nature while they celebrate, study, and protect wild animal species from around the world.

Porter Park Zoo is a unique wildlife experience featuring some of the world’s most fascinating species. From American pine marten to rhinoceros and everything in between – this exciting venue also showcases endemic creatures like Michigan least shrews and Puerto Rican crested toads. Plus, don’t miss out on rare sightings such as peregrine falcons, eastern bongos, or massasauga rattlesnakes.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience when you visit Porter Park Zoo. From the AniMall Gift Shop – offering all sorts of souvenirs, snacks, and drinks – to Savanna Grill and Dippin’ Dot’s dining areas, there’s something here for everyone. And don’t forget about the camel rides; it’ll be a family outing that no one will soon forget. Make sure not to miss this memorable attraction on your next trip out.

Potter Park Zoo brings joy to thousands of people each year with its educational outreach programs – and it relies on the generous support from friends like you. Your contributions help ensure that Potter Park is a top-notch home for all animals. These gifts make an amazing impact, financing everything from animal welfare initiatives to capital improvement projects – so thank you for being part of this wonderful cause.

Address: 1301 S Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing, MI 48912.

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