Michigan State University Museum

Boasting a rich history dating back to 1857, the Michigan State University Museum is one of America’s most venerable institutions. As part of the esteemed American Alliance of Museums and graced with Smithsonian affiliate status, it stands proudly as an example of cultural excellence in action.

The MSU Museum is a treasured destination renowned for housing almost one million documents and artifacts, making it an ideal hub of research. But that’s not all – they also host educational programs and exciting events sure to delight everyone.

Come explore the captivating exhibits of MSU Museum, including Under One Sky and Beyond and Black Panther. Delve into its far-reaching natural science collections featuring information on biodiversity from 1840 onwards, as well as a plethora of cultural and historical artifacts like anthropology objects or folklore literature that examine the diversity of nature in all its fascinating forms.

The Michigan State University Museum is the highlight of Lansing area for a good reason. With interesting, revolving exhibitions and access all year round (except when university events or holidays alter their opening hours), it’s an attraction you’ll want to visit again and again.

The Michigan State University Museum acknowledges the foundational role of Indigenous people in its home. As part of this acknowledgment, MSU honors and remembers that it resides on ancestral land ceded by an 1819 Treaty between indigenous nations – The Anishinaabeg- Three Fires Confederacy (Ojibwe, Odawa & Potawatomi). By honoring these histories, we uphold our commitment to mutual respect and collaboration with present-day tribal communities.

The MSU Museum is a steadfast advocate for Indigenous communities in Michigan, from their historical roots to the present day. They are committed to strengthening and safeguarding tribal sovereignty as well as honoring those individuals & groups who were forced away from their Homelands within our state’s boundaries.

At MSU Museum, they are dedicated to creating a learning space that is reflective of indigenous sovereignty and culture. They recognize the importance of holding the University accountable for providing access and resources to American Indian & Indigenous Peoples and strive towards becoming an inclusive environment.

Discover a global network of knowledge and culture at the Michigan State University Museum. From ancient artifacts thousands of years old to contemporary art pieces, their expansive collection spans across eras and communities from around the world – with an impressive focus on Michigan’s heritage. With rare primary source materials, plus extensive documentation accompanying many items, there is something for everyone, such as scholars researching new discoveries, teachers inspiring students, and artists finding creative inspiration. Dive into MSU Museum’s remarkable collections today to unearth priceless gems that ignite your curiosity & imagination.

Address: 409 W. Circle Drive, East Lansing, MI 48824.

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