Michigan History Center

Welcome to the Michigan History Center, your one-stop-center for discovering, preserving, and sharing stories of this great state. Explore their 5-level venue with interactive exhibits, artifacts, and educational programs that make Michigan’s history come alive.

Explore the stories of Michigan’s vibrant past at The Michigan History Center, a place where history comes alive. Their legacy extends over a century – take an unforgettable journey through our collection and discover why so many people are inspired by Michigan’s remarkable heritage.

From humble beginnings more than a century ago, the Michigan History Center has grown to become an invaluable resource for exploring and preserving our state’s past. Its founding traces back to 1874 with the establishment of the pioneer society, followed by a provision of museum space in Lansing‘s State Capitol six years later. Finally, 1913 saw formal recognition when Governor Ferris created The Michigan Historical Commission – now known as The Michigan History Center.

Our dynamic history has been preserved and shared since 1913, evolving through generations of trustees dedicated to our mission. Visitors can explore Michigan’s past in the iconic Michigan Library and Historical Center: a landmark destination opened in 1989 for archival research, captivating museum exhibits, and educational opportunities guided by experienced historians.

2016 was a monumental year for Michigan’s heritage, as the state created its own home base to preserve and celebrate it. The Michigan History Center is an independent entity that shares tales of bygone days through 11 museums and historic sites across the state – plus additional digital resources too. Through this center, visitors can explore fascinating archives, ponder ideas spanning generations, and come away with thrilling answers. Discovering our past has never been more engaging or interactive than with today’s version of the Michigan History Center.

Get your hands on Michigan’s remarkable story with a membership to the Michigan History Center. Your investment in protecting and sharing our state’s history will be valuable for generations of Michiganders – so don’t miss out.

Don’t just be a part of history. Help shape it! The Michigan History Center is looking for passionate volunteers to serve as tour guides, program presenters, and gallery assistants. In return, they’ll provide discounts on their rich educational offerings and access to special continuing education opportunities – what an excellent way to engage with the state’s leading authority in all things historical.

Discover the historical wonders of Michigan when you intern at the Michigan History Center. Expand your knowledge and gain real-world experience as their experts guide you through a wide range of archival, curatorial, exhibition planning, conservation, and other museum areas. You’ll have access to all kinds of perspectives from staff members who specialize in different facets of public history – an invaluable opportunity for any passionate learner looking to enhance their studies.

Address: 702 W Kalamazoo St, Lansing, MI 48915.

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