Lansing River Trail

Visit Lansing and experience a trail like no other. The river-hugging 13-mile-long Lansing River Trail is the perfect way to explore this vibrant city, passing through 19 county parks, 3 museums, 2 rivers, and even an open-air farmers market. Whether you’re on foot or two wheels, the trail has something for everyone, from paved paths to wooden boardwalks with bridges over creeks all in easy reach. And if nature’s your thing, then take it one step further by exploring section three of the trail, which runs through wetlands and woodlands – now that’s breathtaking, so don’t miss out.

Lansing River Trail is an incredible asset to the city of Lansing, Michigan. For more than four decades, it has been providing 13 miles (21 km) of scenic views along the Grand and Red Cedar rivers between MSU and Dietrich Park in northern Lansing — a true landmark for locals and visitors alike. Established as far back as 1975 and then officially designated a National Recreation Trail six years later, this amazing trail offers users opportunities for biking, walking, or running through some breathtaking sites that can only be found here.

Take a stroll down Lansing’s River Trail and marvel at the magnificent sites along its western extension. Beginning near downtown Lansing, this path entices endless beauty as it traverses past River Point Park to Moores Park – not missing an opportunity for stunning views of Sycamore Creek from Potter Park all the way through Maguire Park in southeast Lansing. The stretch from Hawk Island County has been completed since 2008, offering adventurers plenty of diverse terrains to explore.

Located in Lansing, the River Trail beckons with an abundance of activities and events. While visitors enjoy walks along this scenic path to take in its beauty, they can also join fellow outdoor enthusiasts for annual festivities such as the Common Ground Music Festival or Mayor’s Walk. More adventurous types congregate here every year for popular running events like Michigan Run and Capital City River Run – all making it a destination sure to bring excitement into your day.

The South Extension of Lansing’s River Trail is now open, stretching from Cavanaugh Street all the way down to Waverly Road – a great new spot for outdoor adventures. Along this extension are three Hawk Signals placed near Pennsylvania Avenue, Cedar Street, and Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, offering pedestrians easy access – just push one button on these safety features before hitting the trail.

The Lansing River Trail is creating exciting new opportunities for outdoor exploration! It’s part of a larger project to extend the trail into Delhi Township and connect it with an existing one in Holt. But wait, there’s more—the trail will also be extended east-to-west across South Lansing. With this major expansion, you can now explore even further than ever before on your favorite path.

Address: Lansing / East Lansing, MI.

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