Impression 5 Science Center

Unlock the wonders of science at Impression 5 Science Center in downtown Lansing, Michigan area. This museum, located inside an iconic wagon works factory along Grand River, was originally named after our five senses and continues to explore them through exciting exhibits and activities designed with curious minds in mind.

The Impression 5 Science Center is an awe-inspiring experience that celebrates the wonders of science through interactive exhibits. Once a wagon works factory on the banks of Michigan’s Grand River, this museum has been reimagined to provide visitors with five sensational experiences that stimulate sight, sound, smell, and touch. Go explore all your senses at The Impression 5 Science Centre – you won’t regret it.

Drawing on her experience with family and friends in science and engineering, Marilynne Eichinger founded Impression 5 Science Center right in her Lansing basement back in 1972. Her mission? To make complex scientific concepts understandable to the general public through captivating hands-on exhibits that engage visitors’ senses – even their thinking processes. Recognizing individual learning styles were integral, she pursued a variety of approaches with one goal: to provide an enjoyable yet educationally enriching environment for curious minds everywhere.

Impression 5 Science Center invites the next generation of scientists to unlock their creativity and explore our world. Their mission is to ensure kids have opportunities for hands-on learning experiences that foster critical thinking, understanding, and appreciation of science through interactive exhibits, activities & programs.

Impression 5 Science Center has been inspiring and engaging guests of all ages for decades! With over 160,000 visitors each year in downtown Lansing, this interactive science center is a one-of-a-kind experience. Learn something new through exciting activities that stimulate creativity and promote teamwork – explore Impression 5 today to watch your imagination come alive.

Impression 5 Science Center is more than just a place to explore and have fun. Their objective goes beyond providing an enjoyable experience for all—they’ve tailored their facility to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe, regardless of age or ability level. They strive to provide the best possible service so that every visitor leaves with lasting memories.

Discover the wonders of science at Impression 5 Science Center. Explore a variety of exciting exhibits, from “Chew On This!” where you can learn all about food and nutrition, to POP., an interactive bubble experience. Get up close with nature in MI Nature or take on gravity as you “Throw Things” through the air for your own unique experiments. Plus, keep checking back for rotating traveling exhibits like Smash: A Nuclear Adventure that contains tons more knowledge waiting to be uncovered by curious minds. Step inside Impression 5’s Think Tank today – it’s sure to leave quite an impression.

Address: 200 Museum Dr, Lansing, MI 48933.

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