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A Preview Of Our Dumpster Inventory

We stock a large inventory of removable trash containers in four key sizes: 10-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yards…allowing us to cater to the specific needs of our residential and commercial clients. 

With the ability to hold 10 cubic-yards of volume, our smallest dumpster is perfect for small remodeling projects such as a kitchen or a bathroom. For mid-sized home or office projects, such as cleaning out a basement, garage, warehouse or storage room, trading up to our 20-yard bin (or larger) is advisable. We routinely see our 30-yard containers used to manage waste generated by larger residential construction projects such as replacing a roof, deck or patio, as well as office remodels and land clearing projects. But with the capacity to hold up to as much as 40-cubic-yards of volume, our largest removable steel container is a staple in the professional construction industry overall, and especially in support of the good work being performed at commercial, heavy construction and demolition job sites in the greater Lansing area. (In situations where job site space gets tight, and access to a roll-off unit by our clients’ workers or our driver becomes an issue, 30-yard containers are frequently substituted.)

When Time is of the Essence

Our company name says it all, so when you do business with us you may expect the expedited delivery of your dumpster no matter where you live in the Lansing area. Another notable feature of our service is that we are available to both residential and commercial clients, so if you are remodeling an existing home or structure – or creating a new one – you’re most likely going to have waste management considerations of some kind, and our expert technicians and drivers are highly trained to help you properly maintain the condition of your property while taking care of the environment.

More Reasons To Choose Speedy Dumpster Rental

The past couple of years has seen a plethora of roll-off dumpster rental companies sprouting up across the region, and this certainly makes it appear like there are a bunch of choices. But upon closer inspection, we believe you’ll see the light! Here are a few highlights of what you get with Speedy:

Dependable Customer Service

No matter how large the fleet of dumpsters a company may have, if they come up short in the area of customer service, then that’s the main thing any intelligent customer is going to remember. Our customer service representatives and account managers remain in contact with you from the initial phone call and consultation until the time we return to your property and retrieve the unit. While 99% of our rental engagements go-off without a hitch, any hiccups that might occur along the way are always handled in the most appropriate manner.

Delivery In 48 Hours

Another word for a construction site without a well-placed dumpster (or three)… is a mess! The construction process necessitates an active job site, with lots of men and equipment in constant motion, and lots of waste being generated. You need your roll-off container delivered on-time, and Speedy Dumpster Rental is up to the challenge! It doesn’t matter how large and smelly the waste is, our dumpsters will easily cart-it-off and take it to the right place. With regard to the disposal of toxic waste and hazardous materials, we recommend calling us to discuss it. Financial penalties – and even criminal charges – are possible here, so let’s talk it over!  For the fastest delivery of the dumpster, call Speedy Dumpster Lansing now.

The Largest Fleet Of Dumpsters

A nice combination of quantity and quality does wonders in our business, so that’s exactly what we maintain. With a large fleet of dumpsters in the four key sizes for the industry, we can assure you of the real-time availability of the perfect steel waste container for your upcoming project.

Competitive Pricing

In today’s competitive marketplace, a leading company like Speedy doesn’t want price to prevent folks from coming to us, so we have kept the prices of our dumpster rental service within everyone’s reach. Because we run our operation in a smart and efficient manner, we capitalize on various efficiencies and economies of scale. This means we can afford to pay the best people, without having to extend to you the highest price!

No Hidden Fees

So many of our competitors trip over this, and we want you to rest assured that there won’t be any surprises for you at the end of your rental agreement. What we quote at the beginning is exactly the same figure you’ll see on your order. When it comes to building and retaining a large client base, transparency is a key factor, and it’s one of the biggest reasons our commercial and construction customers come back to us time, and time again!

Our Fleet Of Dumpsters

At Speedy Dumpster Rental, you will find an impressive fleet of dumpsters in key sizes to accommodate the different project needs of clients. Here’s our lineup:

Think of this is a “starter dumpster,” commonly used to dispose of garbage and other waste. It may also be used to dispose of debris and material created by remodeling projects, such as a kitchen or a bathroom remodel.
This unit offers twice the size and capacity as the 10-yard dumpster, and the 20-yarder is great for home remodeling projects, such as tearing up a floor or replacing a carpet, or cleaning out a basement or garage.
A construction site is surrounded by waste, which at times puts the brakes on the speed of any construction project. At such times, our second largest dumpster can come to the rescue! The 30-yard dumpster is ideal for most mid-to-large construction sites.

The biggest dumpster in our fleet, our 40-yard container is reserved for the most complicated construction projects, where waste is produced in large quantities. A 40-yard dumpster can easily accommodate large volumes of waste and dispose of it safely in a single trip. Construction companies rent 40-yard roll-off bins to save time and money, because a smaller size might require multiple trips to carry-off the same amount of debris that a 40-yarder can handle in just one trip.

Speedy Dumpster Rental Lansing has been at your service for more than a decade now, equipped with a complete suite of waste management solutions that includes large steel storage container rentals, porta-john-rentals, and temporary fencing installations as well. 

Call Speedy Dumpster Rental Lansing now (or submit your request for a quote right here on this website) and we’ll collect the necessary information about your project that allows us to guide you to the perfect roll-off container and service for your upcoming project. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Dumpster Rental Process: An Overview

Selecting the most appropriate portable trash bin can be tricky when someone doesn’t know the types of waste materials they expect to collect, or in what total quantities. Take the following steps to make make sure that all of your bases are covered:


Step 1 - Identify The Type And Amount Of Waste You Expect To Accumulate

When you call Speedy Dumpster Rental, try to be as specific as possible with details such as the type of material you plan to accumulate, as well as the volume and timeframe for the service you require. Planning ahead is the key to staying on schedule and meeting project deadlines. And while we pride ourselves on being able to move very quickly to satisfy you, calling us a week or two in advance is never a bad idea! The team here at Speedy Dumpster Rental Lansing will try to apply the extra time to finding you greater savings!


Step 2 – Secure Your Accurate Quote

Discussing the cost of renting a dumpster beforehand eliminates the chances of confrontations once your project is complete. The cost of a roll-off dumpster rental is based upon a combination of factors, including dumpster size, the duration of the rental term, your location, and in some cases weight limits that need to be applied to the unit due to the material (dirt, brick, rock, asphalt, and concrete are quite different from splintered wood and trash, for example). Talking with one of our representatives to clarify specific details is a practice that we highly recommend.


Step 3 – Prepare The Premises For The Arrival Of Your Roll-Off Dumpster

The final step of the dumpster rental process is getting your property ready for delivery. Identifying a workable location on the premises for dumpster-placement is most important. Remember that a permit from your local municipality, township, or county is usually required if the spot you select turns out to be on the street. For roll-off containers that will be residing within the boundaries of your property, it’s critical to avoid selecting a spot where the ground is soft, as the weight of a fully-loaded steel container can easily damage or destroy the surface. Another possible problem that can be caused by soft ground is the tilting of the unit, which can make retrieval a problem for our driver technicians. So choosing a spot where the surface is durable, such as asphalt or concrete, is best. If possible, place wooden planks beneath the dumpster to avoid direct contact with the surface beneath. The dumpster should not be overloaded, as this can imbalance the dumpster during transport away from your premises, and prohibit our driver from being able to secure a cover for the drive to the landfill.

Little Known Facts About Lansing, Michigan

Lansing is the capital of Michigan today, but it wasn’t always this way. Before 1847, Michigan’s state capital was Detroit. Detroit’s location near British-controlled Canada made legislators uneasy, so a heated multi-day session to choose the new capital city was held. At the time, Lansing was a very small settlement, so many were shocked when it was privately chosen to host the capitol. The tiny town quickly turned into the state’s center of government, and the rest (as they say) is history. The collection at the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum includes classic and contemporary Oldsmobile cars. The Potter Park Zoo houses endangered and threatened species such as Magellanic penguins, black rhinos and golden lion tamarins.

More Lansing Fun Facts:


Lansing was not incorporated as a city until 1859.


The capitol contains 19 chandeliers, and each is a one-of-a-kind creation by Tiffany’s of New York.


Lansing hosts the Capital City Film Fest each year – a showcase of independent films and live bands.


Michigan State University was recently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world according to U.S. News & World Report (2015).


The Arts Council of Greater Lansing is in its 50th year serving the cultural needs of Lansing. It provides services to 140 arts and cultural agencies throughout the region.

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